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Lisa Terry: About Me

Lisa Terry has been a business and technology journalist for more than 25 years, writing for a wide range of business and trade magazines, corporations, consulting firms and marketing companies. She has a talent for quickly digesting technical material and explaining it in terms of real-world business problems and solutions. Clients rely on Lisa for features, columns, case studies, newsletter material, supplements and white papers that tell the story and impress readers and advertisers.

Lisa began her career as an internal communications specialist for Meldisco, a footwear retailer, then became editor for a group of association magazines covering topics as diverse as physical rehabilitation and auto repair. Next, Lisa joined Edgell Communications, where she served as managing editor, and then Editor or RIS News, a well-respected retail technology publication, as well as Founding Editor of Consumer Goods Manufacturer, now called Consumer Goods Technology magazine. Then Lisa and a partner founded Strategic Media Group, a technology trade magazine news aggregator. Since 1995, Lisa has run a successful freelance writing business, with special emphasis on retail, hospitality, supply chain and IT reselling, in addition to other topics.

Lisa can be reached at Lisa Terry Editorial Services, and 201.236.9450.

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